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LadybugPress, with imprints for NewVoices, LadybugProductions, and NewVoices Poetry, began as a trade house, and we still publish trade books, but we also made early steps into eBooks back in 2002 and are still interested in this area, where a new author can step into the market and learn with very little cost or risk. We have also expanded our services from traditional publishing into Independent (Indie) Publishing because we work with new writers and creative works and want to do even more of this. We have never changed our commitment to fostering talent and creativity. Whatever form of publishing you choose, with LadybugPress and NewVoices you get the same experienced, one-on-one consideration of your project.

Partners in Publishing


Independent publishing, and our program in particular, has a lot to recommend it. We call our program Partners in Publishing because it is a shared cost program: You pay certain basic fees with a guarantee of services, but we provide many services beyong those covered by the fees. Not the least of these is the close and careful attention that is paid to your plan, both for the book itself and for its marketing. We know—and you should too—that the only one who can sell a book is you, the author. And we don't think a standard trade book contract will ever compensate you for that effort. That's why Partners in Publishing puts the control in your hands. We advise, inform, and give you the benefit of our experience in publishing, but the book remains yours—Just as it was when you first imagined it.

If you want to hear a discussion of independent publishing (It isn't necessarily what you think or may have experienced in the past.) go by our marketing site; there are two audio files there and a pretty thorough discussion.

Some things that make our independent publishing books different:

    The attention you get is the same for trade books and independent publishing. With a few exceptions, the imprint is the same.

There is one more difference: between all of the options in self publishing and standing on the sidelines while someone else takes the last steps to realizing your dream.

~ Georgia Jones


A little history for those of you who are new to these pages:
Our first book came out in 1996. Most of our books were (and still are) from unknown and first time authors. The original foundation of Ladybug was/is creative ways for creative people to be heard and to make a difference in the world through being heard. We do audio, print books and eBooks.

We have put a lot of effort into making ebooks and audio books something we can really be proud of and developing our excellent line of author read audio books. Our formats, packaging, and automated equipment put us on a par with any publisher in this field.

We purchased our own printing facility in 2006 and expanded our Partners in Publishing imprint to allow for more books in this program and for Print on Demand—a big plus (or minus to the bottom line) in the overhead.

Keep in Mind:

We help develop our financial base through the LadybugBooks bookstore, web site and editorial contracts, Partners in Publishing, and book sales. As has always been the case, your participation is needed and encouraged.

What we are looking for is writers with enthusiasm for their subject and a desire to work with us. This is true for our Partners in Publishing, trade, and our eBook and audio books. Without that enthusiasm there is no point in putting words out there. The author is the only one who can sell a book, no matter which program or type of book it is, and that is the author we are looking for. Our guidelines are in our name:

Ladybug, Ladybug fly away home... Our readers know there is nothing about Ladybug homes that makes them prone to burst into flames!!

Our Ladybug is a savvy woman. She can take care of her business and her family, and she takes care of herself. We publish books for women like her ~ women like you.

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