a woman-owned business...in the service of women

What is that?

Sometimes it is easier to say what we aren't than what we are!

What we aren't, then:

We are:

If you want to write for us, those are the ideals that must infuse your work.

If you buy our LadybugPress books, that's what you get.

When we do business we work to create a woman's context. That means we don't take anything for granted and "because that's the way it's done" is never our reason for doing anything.

At LadybugBooks.com we believe in women. We believe that women have a unique potentiality for shaping new directions. This can be a heavy burden, and it certainly is a lot of work! But it is also a position of trust: We need to trust each other's competence, intentions, and the possibility that an ongoing re-examination and the process of learning will have a positive outcome, not only for this woman-owned business but for women and for the world. We have that trust. Georgia Jones, founder and owner of LadybugBooks.com, LadybugPress/NewVoices, has based her whole life on that ideal.

At LadybugBooks.com we believe in women, and we believe that everyone who is encouraged to think, creatively, openly, without restrictions will be a better person—no matter what the context might be. A lot of that thinking comes in the pursuit of passion, in this case a passion for words or for ideas themselves. We are thinking women and that is what Ladybug is all about.

Of course, and realistically, we don't always reach our highest ideals, but that isn't the point:

As a company "in the service of women" we know that there are no pat answers, that the journey is more important than any of the stations along the way.

We know that women are growing, discovering, and changing. We don't see an end to that. We hope you don't either.

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